Due to the continually increasing global population, the demand for food and raw materials for other applications such as energy has also increased. The agricultural commodities market, supplied by passionate growers worldwide, is part of the fundament of our food system. It is a rapidly changing market and no two seasons are the same. Climate change, drought and extreme rainfall all influence yields. Other factors including changing eating patterns, use of raw materials, economic development and possible shifts in production also affect the demand for these resources.

Security is vital in a dynamic market. VV COM offers that security. We have been trading worldwide in grain and other raw materials for more than 30 years. We manage risks by spreading our activities, transport options and our areas of operation. The expertise of our team is grounded in agronomy, econometrics and business administration. They closely monitor all the aspects that contribute to responsible risk spreading in agricultural commodities. The risks are covered on the physical market, futures market and stock markets and trade in premiums.

Our mission is to give our clients reliable and substantiated advice.